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The #1 Way To Getting The Body You Always Wanted

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The most comprehensive Lifestyle Blueprint designed by the fitness pros using all Of Our best practices and trade secrets to put your success on autopilot:


  • ​​Easy to follow 12-week lifestyle diet & training plan
  • ​90 pages of comprehensive course content and 4hrs of video instruction
  • ​We explain the WHY behind the HOW to empower your success long after the programs ends 
  • ​Complimentary access to our members-only coaching app so you can take your workout to the gym for maximum success
  • Finally melt that stubborn body fat and achieve that lean, chiseled look you see all over the internet

As Seen On

As Seen On


“Nick Topel is an American fitness model, social media star and professional bodybuilder. In 2019, Nick claimed a spot on FitMedia's list of “World’s 10 Hottest Physiques.” He is a co-owner of the men’s luxury health and wellness brand Model Trainers and has appeared on FOX Television, CBS, TLC, BravoTV and more than 15+ magazine covers. Nick is an expert wellness consultant and frequently writes for publications such as Pop Sugar, Business Insider and Well+Good.”  - Authority Magazine

what can the Model Trainers do for you?


You know A Problem That Deters So Many People From Taking Their first leap Forward?

It's The Initial Stage Of "Uncertainty"...

and If You were Anything like me, It's that feeling in your gut the moment you step foot in the gym...

it's like the first day of school as a kid, you know?

you don't really know if you fit in...

it's Weird, it's Awkward, It's uncomfortable...  

and it's probably for one of these reasons 👇🏻

  • You Go To The Gym And You Have No Idea What You're Doing
  • You're Uncomfortable With Your Body
  • You're Lacking Confidence
  • ​OR, And This Is A Good One I Always Liked To Tell Myself... "It's just your genetics, bro"

every one of these are valid  fears and worries when You Begin your fitness journey.
I would know, Because I experienced every one of them for myself.
(Except for Your Genetics, that's NEVER Valid and It's always a bulls**t excuse to get out of exercise) 

these fears are actually what drove Us to create the eVOLVE program.

We didn't make EVOLVE to get Rich or To gain attention.

We made it Because we Receive 1000s of messages every day from people Paralyzed by these exact same fears.

after years of training, The ups and the downs, injuries, Frustration, mental breaks -- We finally decided to build the most comprehensive diet and exercise program on the market to put an end to all of the crap that's holding you back.

This Step-By-Step Program Is Tailored 
To Optimize Results For YOUR Body

at this moment i bet you're thinking, "here we go again..."

"another Bulls**t Trainer selling me his "cure" to weight Loss."

"why do i always fall for this crap...?"

I agree with You there's a lot of B.S. out there. but, hear me out for a moment...

What i'm about to offer you isn't just some cookie cutter training plan with a promise to "get you 'Ripped' in 60 days"

When it comes to completely transforming your body, there are no "Get Fit Quick Schemes."

It takes hard work, A strong work ethic and dedication


I can promise you that feeling of waking up and looking at yourself in the mirror, and just smiling AT THE PRODUCT OF all YOUR HARD WORK... It NEVER GETS OLD.

Now, most fitness "guru's" want to sell you a Cookie Cutter 12 or 16 week program with the most basic of information, that honestly, my 12 year old sister could probably write if she spent enough time on google (and no I'm not kidding...).

from My experience, Nearly 80% of people quit within two months of beginning any Type of new fitness journey...

that got me thinking... why?

If the benefits of being healthy and fit are so powerful, why isn't everyone doing it? Why would you quit after two months?

after working with 100s of clients over the past five years, we came to a realization that your lack of success will come down to two main factors:

1. Lack of Understanding

2. Lack of Guidance and Motivation

Anyone can Be handed a workout program, go the gym, "follow it," and get below average results...

but, who want's below average results?

maybe some People do... (and honestly, we've learned not to bother with those people).

But for yOU? As your coach, sure, I want you to go to that gym... but I also nEED you to have the mindset of an Absolute warrior when you go there. I Need you to crush every single workout, every single day.

that aLL comes down to your knowledge and understanding of the program.

When you UNDERSTAND how the program is designed to help you reach your goals,

and when you UNDERSTAND what's needed from YOU in order to make it happen...

you can go to the gym and follow your plan with passion and without fear of failure .

To take your fitness to the next level, 
you need a professional

BTW Keep Reading... We Have An Awesome Surprise At The Bottom Of The Page

Think Of Any Athlete, Influencer Or Celebrity Who's Got That Incredible, Lean Body You see all over the internet...

Seriously, Do You Think They Spent All The Time Needed To Learn how to do It Themselves? Absolutely not.

They Hired Experts and Professionals Who:

  • Spent YEARS Studying The Human Body and How It Works
  • Know Exactly How To Train And Diet To Achieve The "Ideal Physique"
  • ​Designed A Streamlined Process For Others To UNDERSTAND and Achieve Those Same Results

Getting the Results you want is going to take more than just your basic fitness program from the internet you found on Google...

and Believe me, I know how many free youtube videos are out there that you can "learn" from -- and i want to briefly touch on that:

i used to be that person -- almost 8 years ago now -- who watched HOURS of free fitness videos on youTube. After a while, I'd chuckle knowing how so many other people were buying fitness programs, when all the information was sitting here on YouTube for free. 

I'd sit back thinking i'm going to get Absolutely shredded for free and not have to pay a dime.

But then i'd fail...

And then I'd watch more YouTube Videos,

and Then I'd fail again...

and again...

It was a vicious circle, and it resulted in more than  a year of hard work and no meaningful progress towards my goals.

and I thought  to myself, why? 

i'm doing everything they said, and yet, i still look like sh**. I still have no confidence, and I'm still afraid to hit the gym.

I had to be doing something wrong.

and then all of a sudden it hit me...

My fitness idols on YouTube all had these great bodies, and they gave out good information -- but It Was Always Just One Workout, One Idea, One Stretch Routine, One Day Of Eating. After a while, I realized it was all just singular pieces and never the Entire program.

The success I really wanted, would only come from seeing the complete picture. These guys had bodies like a Greek Statue because they designed a fully comprehensive program around their specific goals, and then they followed it consistently for months.

They didn't just do a couple of YouTube workouts, and they didn't just find a program on google.

they knew how to take the diet and the training, and put them both together to create a program that achieves their physique goals and fit their lifestyle.

Getting The Body You've Always Dreamed Of Comes Down To 
The Right Diet, The Right Routine And Most Importantly... 

I was doing all these different exercises and diets from 20+ different websites and countless youTube pages.

I would never stay on one program for more then a few days, i'd always see a new YouTube video that promised the world and, because at the time i was desperate to find anything that would work, i would go running.

Not knowing how detrimental this was to my progress, i continued on this path for months...

And I got Absolutely no where.

then one day i decided enough was enough.

I committed to doing whatever it took to Achieve what i had been pushing for so long.

For the next 9 years, i learned everything i could about the fitness industry -- about the diet, about the training, and how to put them both together to see actual results.

and I completely Transformed my body ...

No Matter What Experience Level You Are In The Gym, The 4-step System I'm about to show you  Will Take Your Body To A Level You Never Thought Possible

This 4-step system is what me, and hundreds of our personal clients, have used to finally achieve their dream bodies.

Are you Ready...?

i'm sure you're Wondering what's involved in each of these steps.

I'd Love to tell you with Excruciating detail, but that's the Secret of the 90 pages of content in the EVOLVE program ;)

What i can Tell you, is that the EVOLVE program won't be like anything you've done before...

At the End of this program you'll look at yourself in the mirror and you won't even Recognize your reflection...

Not just Physically, 

But Mentally and emotionally.

How so? Because we designed EVOLVE as a lifestyle blueprint, rather than just a training Plan or diet diet. 

When you join our community -- of course you get the 12-week training and diet plan -- but you also get:

  • ​90 pages of comprehensive course content where we explain the WHY behind the HOW to empower your success long after the program is over. Seriously, what's the point of following a program, finally sculpting your own statue of David, then LOSING IT ALL the second those 12-weeks are over because you have no idea what's going on or how to continue?
  • ​Nearly 30 pages on Proper Mindset and Goal Setting, two factors that nearly EVERYONE skips but are THE MOST important to your success.
  • ​4+ hrs of video instruction and tutorial. In addition to the 90 pages of content, you get to hear the pro's explain it all in their own words, as well as MOTIVATE THE HELL OUT OF YOU.
  • ​Complimentary access to our members-only coaching app which allows you to take your workout to the gym for unparalleled convenience.
  • ​Lifetime membership to our private Facebook group to share community and participate in weekly Facebook Live sessions and frequent giveaways.

​We're doing absolutely everything we can to make sure that you're successful.
This is something I wish I had when I started all those years ago...

I'm so confident in this program that,
i'm guaranteeing You Results or your money back



To make this more fun for you guys we're hosting a little competition...

The EVOLVE Program is a 12-week program

In these 12 weeks, i've Seen some pretty incredible results from just some Average Guys who Discovered they were amazing individuals

And i want those same results for you!

so here's what we're going to do:

when you buy the program today you're going to be entered into the competition. 

The competition will last 12 weeks and will require you to do two things:

  • Send In weekly Progress Pictures So I Can Track Your Results
  • Fully Commit To The EVOLVE Program

At The end of the 12-week program, Our client with the most impressive results will Receive a Reward.

i bet you're wondering, So what do I win?

FREE 1-On-1 Coaching From The Model Trainers

and this isn't just any 1-on-1 coaching...

The winner Will Receive a FULLY custom workout/Meal plan Completely designed for their body and their needs.

and the training will last As long as it takes for you to get your'll never pay a dime!!

SO Take the leap with me today and let Me help you


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